A Deeper Dive into What The Heck Is Patriarchy?

Sarah and John met in college and fell in love. They got married shortly after graduation and started building a life together. Sarah, a talented artist, had dreams of pursuing her career and becoming a successful painter.

How to get your man to talk?

You are in an intimate relationship with a man. You both love each other and things are working very well between you two. You are happy and do not have much to complain  

Transformation and Healing

It is early morning. Women from every house start walking barefoot on dessert sand. They go on for miles to fetch water. Their head is heavy with series of containers on it. Veil is covering their face.

My Experience In Servant Leadership

This is a reflection around my values. It may or may not align with your values. I request you to be aware of value differences while reviewing it. Also, do draw my attention if you find any dogma in my reflections